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The Rowville Fire Brigade is an integrated fire station that consists of  CFA Career staff and Volunteers. We work hand in hand to provide a high-quality fire service to the community we support.

The Rowville Fire Brigade has a rich history of serving the community since we first opened in 1942. Since then the Rowville area has changed immensely, meaning we have also had to adapt.


Rowville has expanded residentially and industrially in recent years, which is why in 2014 Rowville was strategically picked, to become manned by career staff 24/7 to further support the community.


We have 5 appliances consisting of a Scania Heavy Pumper, Hino Heavy Tanker, Hino Medium Tanker, Iveco Ultra-Light and a Ford support vehicle.



What are some of the calls we attend?

We attend many calls in the Rowville and surrounding areas each year.

Working closly alongside and supporting all other emergency services.

Below are some of the types of calls we attend.



The incidents we go to include road accidents, hazardous materials spills, rubbish fires and lots more


To learn more about what to do when approaching incidents click below.



Structure fires include everything from a garden shed to large industrial factories. We attend them all.



For more info about preparing your property click below.

Grass & SCrub


Grass and scrub fires could consist of anything from a small tree fire to a bushfire. We respond to these in our own area, as well as being deployed statewide through organised dispatches known as strike teams.



Medical Response

The Rowville career staff respond to specific medical calls at the same time as Ambulance Victoria, through a program called Emergency medical response. If a fire truck turns up at your door don't be worried.

Comunity Education

We are passionate about teaching and informing our community. About what they can do to avoid seeing us at their doorstep.


We attended festivals and other community events in the Rowville and surrounding areas, to raise awareness and educate residents. This includes smoke alarm safety and maintenance, fire plans and fire safety, with the adults. And techniques like "stop drop and roll" and "Get down low and go go go" for the kids.


During these displays, kids and Big Kids can explore our appliances, see us in action and have a go at being a firefighter themselves.


Other services include. Fire Safe Kids, which is an educational program designed for primary and pre-primary students. Its delivered with an engaging and interactive presentation, as well as lots of giveaways, And follow up programs for teachers to deliver.


As well as Property Advice Visits (PAV's), which are designed for residents wanting help with fire safety around their properties



Fire Equipment Maintenance

Fire Equipment Maintenance (FEM) is a service provided to the community by CFA Brigades. The service is delivered in accordance with the Regulations and relevant Australian Standards.


The result of FEM activities is that building owners and the occupants are safer, and we can use the funds raised in support of our activities within the Rowville community.


Because of the generosity of the Rowville community, and the hard work of Rowville volunteers, we were successfully able to raise enough funds for a new Ultra-Light.


The funds were raised from countless bunnings barbeques, tin rattling, donations, as well as many other ways.


This will help us get to more hard to reach places, where the old Slip-On couldn't go. 


To donate to the Rowville Fire Brigade, click the link below, select Brigade, and type Rowville in the box.



Rowville's new Iveco Ultra-Light 
funded by the generosity of the local community


with us

We are always looking for new members. Both for operational and support positions.


To become an operational member, you would need to live in Rowville, be able to attend training twice a week and attend fire calls when available.


If you are community minded and are willing to sacrifice your time for the community, we would love to hear from you!


We also have a thriving junior fire brigade. The Junior Volunteer Development Program (JVDP) provides safe, enjoyable and challenging activities for youth aged 11 to 15 years of age.


Contact Us

We would love to hear from you!

1063 Wellington Road, Rowville, Victoria, 3178

 (03) 9755 5358

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